Josiah Lee Rong Guang

Designation: URECA student (MAE/NTU)

Research Title: Advanced Materials for Zinc ion Batteries

Research Duration: 09/2020 to 07/2021

Josiah is currently undergoing his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at NTU and will be expected to graduate in the year 2023. Under Dr Edison H. Ang’s nanotech lab, Josiah is researching on an innovative method to fabricate novel advanced materials for aqueous ZIBs because graphene offers significant characteristics (i.e. large surface area, electrical conductivity) for energy storage.

Muhammad Haikal Bin Mahmod Fadzuli

Designation: Internship student (CBC/NTU)

Research Title: Polymeric Membrane for Waste Water Treatment

Research Duration: 12/2020 to 06/2021

I am currently a Year 4 student pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Biological Chemistry) at NTU and will be graduating in 2021. My personal interest in Chemistry is I like doing lab work to fully understand a certain concept as compared to just studying it fully based on theory. During my free time, I like to play my ps4 console or working out to keep myself fit and healthy.

Suman Devi

Designation: Internship student (CBC/NTU)

Research Title: Advanced Materials for Zinc-Air Batteries

Research Duration: 12/2020 to 06/2021

I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry in NTU. During my time in CBC, I have completed a concentration in Food Chemistry and discovered my interest in doing experiments in the laboratory. I am especially interested in Biochemistry as I have always had curiosity for Biology as well as for Chemistry. In my free time, I mainly spend time with my friends and family by going out and exploring Singapore. My other personal interests include reading fiction novels and binge-watching crime, or thriller shows on Netflix.

Ang Seng Chuan

Designation: Internship student (PPHY/NTU)

Research Title: Efficient solar still for low-cost desalination

Research Duration: 01/2021 to 06/2021

Seng Chuan is a 4th Year NTU undergraduate majoring in Pure Physics with a concentration in Nanotechnology. His interest lies in the application of nanophysics and chemistry to surfaces and interfaces. Under Dr. Edison H. Ang’s nanotech lab, Seng Chuan is researching on the efficiency of solar-assisted membrane distillation to provide a more environmentally friendly method towards water sustainability.

Marliyana Binte Aizudin

Designation: MSC Student (NIE/NTU)

Research Title: Development of Carbon-based Solar Evaporator for Water Desalination

Research Duration: 01/2021 to 12/2021

Graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry & Biological Chemistry. Currently pursuing Master of Science (Life Science) at NIE, NTU and undertaking dissertation research in carbon-based solar evaporator for water desalination under Dr. Edison H. Ang’s Nanotech Laboratory. Hoping to contribute positively in the scientific community of desalination research and make the world a better place for all.

Group meeting: Every Tuesday 7.30pm SGT

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