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The physical and chemical properties will change drastically if the size of the materials is reduced to the nanoscale level. Furthermore, nanostructures also deliver new exciting low-cost processing opportunities. We are interested in a wide variety of nanoscale properties including the properties of electrical, photonic, electrochemical, mechanical, catalytic, and nanochannels. Understanding these properties has significant technological implications in energy conversion and storage, membrane technology, and food & beverage technology. We study nanomaterial fundamentals like colloidal nanocrystals, nanotubes/nanowires, nanosheets, and 3D nanostructures, establish low-cost processing methods, and resolve critical issues in a real-world application.


About Us

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Research for Energy-Water-Food Nexus

Energy-water-food nexus and global warming have a major impact worldwide resulting from resource depletion, a high record of oil prices, scarcity of clean water, lack of food security and safety, high manufacturing costs and changing climate conditions. Our group of nanomaterial researchers aims to address some of the key issues in resolving the above problems by providing a more sustainable solution for realistic implementation. 


To advance nanotechnology as one of the most direct, effective and feasible solutions, for the critical needs in energy, water and food security.


  • Develop novel materials and a broad spectrum of nanotechnologies for energy, water, and food nexus applications.

  • Support Singapore’s strategic initiatives and industries in the above areas by developing patentable and marketable technologies and intellectual property.

  • Establish an internationally recognized group of excellence in nanotechnology for energy-water-food nexus.

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